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Add your voice to the OSLC community

Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is a set of specifications that enable the integration of software development and more broadly Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). The intention is to make life easier for software and product developers and tools vendors, by making it easier for tools to work together.

Every time we fire up one of the Rational Solutions for Collaborative Lifecycle Management products, we see the handiwork of our expert Jazz developers. Their implementation of the OSLC specifications provide the seamless integrations we now enjoy between Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, and Rational Requirements Composer.

The OSLC community is creating open, public descriptions of resources and interfaces for sharing the things that teams rely on, like change requests, test cases, defects, requirements and user stories.

This month, has started a survey in an attempt to gauge awareness, attitudes, and usage of OSLC. The survey will run for the entire month of March and is open to everyone including developers, sales staff, etc. The final results of the survey will be posted publicly on

Take a few minutes of your time to participate in the survey!