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Announcing a new Virtual Rational User Group for Jazz and CLM

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The Global Rational User Group is proud to announce three new Virtual Rational User Groups (VRUGs) to promote information exchange between customers and Rational staff. The purpose of these groups is to facilitate group discussions and provide a platform for users to share their experiences and learn from peers. Each event is run using a WebEx meeting where users can interject questions and interact with the presenters, panelists, and each other.

The themes of the new VRUGs are as follows:

  • Jazz & Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Systems Engineering
  • Methods & Practices

Visit the new groups on the Rational User Groups web site.

Please register and join these new VRUGs to stay informed of upcoming events. If you have a related story you’d like to share, the leaders of these groups would like to hear from you and possibly make you a presenter or co-presenter at an upcoming event.

Here are the upcoming meetings in January:

  • Jazz & CLM – Jan 18, 12pm – 2pm : Using Rational Team Concert with Visual Studio
  • Methods & Practices – Jan 19, 1pm – 3pm : Disciplined Agile Delivery, an Interview with Scott Ambler
  • Systems Engineering – Jan 26, 12pm – 2pm : Getting Requirements Right with Model Based Functional Analysis