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Get the most out of the library

The library is one of the most popular and widely used resources by the community. It includes technical articles, how-to videos, tech tips, and workarounds. With every month that passes, the number of items in our library grows more and more. Just last month we posted thirty-two new items!

So how can you best make use of the library? If you’re new to the community, how are you supposed to know what articles, tips, or videos are going to be most useful? To help you find your way, we’ve included a few features to help make the library even more useful.

Ratings: Users can indicate whether an article or tip was helpful by clicking the “thumbs up” icon. You can then sort any library search results by “Most Helpful”, bringing the most helpful articles to the top.

Discussion: At the bottom of each article there is an area for discussion. The authors automatically receive email notification each time there is a discussion, and you can choose to get an email when replies are posted.

Not only can you utilize these features to help you find the information you’re looking for, but you can also help to improve them. If you come across a library item that worked well for you, go ahead and rate it by giving it a thumbs up! If you have specific thoughts or feedback about an article or video, add your comments to the discussion! The more community members that participate this way, the better the library will be.