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Are you the persona we are looking for?


The Rational User Experience & Design team is undertaking a study to better understand the users of our offerings and solutions.  We work closely with development and other groups to create products that are easy to use and meet your needs through a variety of research, design, and evaluation activities.

The study involves interviewing a sample of Rational users to elicit their roles, goals, job responsibilities, usage patterns, and skills.  Here is an example of a profile representative of a type of user (what we call “persona”).  These user profiles are useful for focusing the design and development of products towards serving the people who use those products.

We would like to learn about you as a Rational user through a 45 minute interview to be scheduled at your convenience.  We are offering an honorarium in appreciation for your time.

If interested, complete this brief online form.  We’ll contact you to confirm and schedule the date and time of the interview.

We look forward to hearing from you