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C/C++ Development in Rational Team Concert

Rational Team Concert is known for providing an excellent software development platform for  Java and .NET applications (with support for Microsoft Visual Studio) but it can also work with a myriad of other programming languages through its flexible and extensible architecture. One of the languages that is often asked about is C/C++ and how Rational Team Concert supports using it. Topics of interest include:

  • How do I set up Rational Team Concert to compile and debug C/C++?
  • Is it possible to integrate with Rational Team Concert using C/C++?
  • How do I manage the source code?
  • What about automated builds, how do I use the Build System Tookit to compile C/C++ and provide feedback to the build engine?
  • What about automated static code analysis?
  • … and automated testing?

In order to answer these questions, I wrote a series of blog posts on my personal blog, “Boris’s Blog”, about C/C++ development on Rational Team Concert.  If you or your organization are doing (or plan to do) C/C++ development I invite you to follow along in the first four articles where I cover the following topics:

Future posts that I write here on the Jazz Team Blog will expand on these topics and include more information on development, building and testing in C/C++ and Rational Team Concert and Jazz in general.

Boris Kuschel
Jazz Jumpstart Team