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Jazzing it up for Innovate 2011!

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I would like to introduce myself.  I am Robin Garside, and I’m the manager responsible for the health and well being of our  beloved website.  Although I generally stay in the shadows, I just had to come out to spread the word about our biggest and coolest event of the year.  We at IBM Rational are busily preparing to meet many of you down in sunny Orlando for the Innovate 2011 Conference.

Jazz Guide to Innovate 2011

IBMers are coming loaded (no not that kind of loaded!) with new and exciting Jazz-related information to show, tell, and discuss during this 5-day event.  This is not the year to miss out on! I hope you have your conference pass purchased, your bags packed, and are ready to join us for a top notch technical conference powered by our customers and the development, support, sales, services, and executive teams at IBM Rational. Oh, and in addition to all the great new and innovative things we have to show you, there will be no lack of fun at this event either :-)

Sunday evening is the big welcome reception for all 3,300 (and growing) attendees and we are then officially off and running for the week.  Here are some of the technical highlights of this year’s event – just some of my recommendations for things you simply should not miss.

  • Great sessions by our IBM Rational experts on all things Jazz! Come and see some excellent sessions. My “first round” list are the sessions being delivered by our subject matter experts who are the same people who actually develop our software.  If you want to know what’s really going on, you need to hear it from the experts! Check out our Jazz Guide to Innovate 2011 to see my critic’s choice for great sessions on the Rational solution for CLM, Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Requirements Composer and other Jazz-based offerings.
  • Great sessions by our customers (in case you don’t believe us!) We have many customers that are making the trip to Orlando to share their experiences.  Here are a couple of great picks as well.  Just beware that some of our customers are not fans of the paparazzi and their names are revealed only to those actually attending the conference.  Yet another great reason to join us live!
    • ALM-2101B Case Study: Agile Healthcare Yes We Can!
    • ALM-1785B Case Study: How IBM Global Business Services Adopted the Next-Generation of the IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution
    • ALM-1283 : Case Study: Structured Implementation of SDLC Methodology with the IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution at YapiKredi Bank
    • CCM-1420 Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of IBM Rational Team Concert
    • CCM-1400 :  Best practices for Successful Application Lifecycle Management Adoption: A Practitioner’s Perspective
    • CCM-2244:  The Way we Walk.  Deploying IBM Rational Team Concert into the <BIG COMPANY> Development Landscape
    • RDM-1129 – Extended Requirements Lifecycle Management
    • RDM-1890 Case Study: Royal Bank of Canada Uses IBM Rational Solutions as New Standard for Requirements Definition and Management
    • QM-2157B Track Kickoff: Quality Management
    • QM-2259A Software Quality in 2011: A Survey of the State of the Art
  • The Jazz Cafe.  In addition to all the wonderful sessions, our subject matter experts will also be spending time in our Jazz Cafe where they will meet with you, up close and personal, to answer lots of questions about Jazz.  This is a relaxed and casual environment where you can really roll up your sleeves and get a pro to show you the ropes.  We also have lots of java to keep you going (sorry, geek pun…).
  • The Interoperability Center.  This year, we have 12 demo pedestals cranked up and ready to show you the power of the Jazz platform, in addition to other IBM Rational offerings AND to show real proof points on how well all these things work together to solve your business problems.
  • Technical Workshops.  We are offering a wide variety of down and dirty, hands on technical workshops.  These workshops have been created and will be delivered by our field and development team experts.  They will teach you the tips, best practices and things you need to know toward becoming the subject matter expert at your company.  Critic’s choice include:
    • TW-1112A Under the Hood: Exploring the IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution
    • TW-2225A Deployment and Administration of the IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution
    • TW-1073A Define and Manage Requirements with IBM Rational Requirements Composer
    • TW-1782A A Day in Life of IBM System z and Cross-Platform Application Development
    • TW-1161A Enable Tools for Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration in a Day
    • TW-1096A Manage Quality and Automate Testing with IBM Rational Quality Manager
  • Main Exhibit Hall. This year marks the upcoming release of our new CLM 2011 offering.  We will have all our best and brightest technical staff manning the pedestals to completely blow your mind and show you the power of the Rational solution for CLM and how it can change your world!  But, as always, there is more.  This year’s exhibit hall will be filled with wonderful things from IBM Rational to see and learn, but if you are pressed for time and you can’t take it all in, don’t leave without stopping by the CLM, Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, and Rational Requirements Composer demo pedestals.  They are all together so you don’t have to hunt around.  If you have a bit more time to spare and depending upon your area of interest, our other teams have great things to show as well, from Design Management, Asset Management, Reporting and the list goes on and on!

These are just some of the many highlights of this year’s conference.  There is so much more to say than I could ever cover here.  Your best bet is to show up in the boss’s office and tell her that you simply must attend Innovate 2011!  OK, if that doesn’t work, your next best bet is to check back with us at during the week.  As we all start to arrive in Orlando, we will do our best to provide you with remote highlights of our conference in progress as we know you can’t all be there with us in person.  In our case, what happens in Orlando doesn’t stay in Orlando at all.  We will bring it all to you as fast as we can on

If you can’t go this year, start working on the boss to make sure you don’t miss us again next year.  As for me… I’m off to Orlando!