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Requirements and lifecyle links: A short tour of RRC Beta 2a

We have been getting a lot of good feedback about the latest beta of Rational Requirements Composer (RRC). To share the good news more widely and to compliment Daniel’s blog post, Rational Requirements Composer Beta 2a big step forward, we produced this video tour:

If you like what you see in this video, I encourage you to download a recent milestone build*:

Create the sample project, and give us your feedback by posting in the RRC forum or the CLM forum or by submitting bugs and requests in our work item system.

To help you explore Rational Requirements Composer and lifecycle links, we offer these two scenarios that you can follow (registration required):

Robin Bater
Requirements Definition & Management Community of Practice Architect

* Our lawyers would like me to remind you that these are not finalized plans or commitments … just work in progress, and plans are subject to change without notice. See the Terms of Use.