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Rational Insight 1.0.1 released

I am truly ‘jazzed’ to announce the release of Rational Insight 1.0.1. This release was the first release of Rational Insight developed at using a transparent development process. Download the trial now and experiment with some of the new features, including:

Support for Rational Focal Point

IBM Rational Focal Point is a product and portfolio management tool that helps executives and teams make decisions to better deliver business, customer, and market value. Rational Insight ships with a sample Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) catalog, metadata model, and sample reports customized for Rational Focal Point. It contains the following resources:

  • Portfolios
  • Projects
  • Change Request and Issue
  • Business Needs
  • Members
  • Risks
  • Time phased financial data
  • Resource demand and supply data

Rational Insight Configuration Manager

You can use the new configuration utility bundled with Rational Insight to migrate your existing artifacts over to the new version, and set up the connections between the various components that contribute data for the Rational Insight integrated reports.

Support for Scorecards

Need a starting point for creating your own scorecards? Rational Insight 1.0.1 includes a library of metrics that are based on the Rational Insight data warehouse data model. You can use Rational Insight Configuration Manager to define and deploy scorecards. After a scorecard is deployed, the required ETL jobs and builds are automatically generated based on the information specified through Rational Insight Configuration Manager.

You can read more about these and other new features on the Rational Insight 1.0.1 New & Noteworthy page.

Rational Insight 1.0.1 includes a 120-day trial license providing you with time to evaluate this latest release.

Lawrence Mandel
Rational Insight Release Manager