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Videos from Innovate 2010

I finally found some time to go through the video interviews that I filmed while I was at Innovate 2010 earlier this month in Orlando, FL. I was able to track down a few Jazz developers, including Erich Gamma, and I also got a few customers and partners to share a few thoughts as well.

Here’s a playlist of the videos:

In addition to filming interviews, I also presented a session that was a guided tour of and also covered the value and purposes of (and how to get the most out of it). We did a similar session last year, but this year almost everyone in the room was already on and already participating in some way! This evidence of growth just seemed to carry through everything all week, making the vibe in the air noticeably different from previous years. Whereas last year people were asking me, “What is Rational Team Concert?”, this year people asked me questions like, “How do I get more out of Rational Team Concert for capacity planning?” or “How can I generate a report that shows effort required per story point?”

So, it was really exciting to see and feel the growth and increased excitement from year to year! If you didn’t make it to Innovate this year, hopefully we can see you at Innovate 2011 — same time of year, same fun hotel in Disney World!

If you were at Innovate 2010, what were your favorite highlights?

And if you missed the action, here are some photos from the event:

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