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Announcing Rational Project Conductor 1.0

It seems like just yesterday we announced that Rational Project Conductor (well, at the time it was “Focal Point for Project Management,” but that’s a whole other blog) was available on In reality, it has already been 5 months – wow, how time flies!

In August we posted our first public Beta, and we followed that up in September with Beta 2 and our subsequent release candidates followed that. We are now excited to announce the availability of Rational Project Conductor 1.0.

As we have mentioned earlier, RPC is part of the next generation project and portfolio management solution from Rational and is the result of years of feedback, including feedback from our customers who participated in the Early Access Program.

What is Rational Project Conductor?

Rational Project Conductor is the project execution arm of the next generation project and portfolio management (PPM) solution from Rational. It’s a web-based project and resource management application built on the Jazz Foundation. It bridges the project management view and the development view without the need to “link” or synchronize data. The data becomes “real” and believable because stakeholders are working on the same artifacts regardless of their role –- the data comes from a single solution rather than being strewn across multiple tools. A perfect example is the seamless integration with Rational Team Concert. In Project Conductor, when you can create programs and projects, equivalent project areas are created in Team Concert. You can also create and modify work items in either product. And updates are real-time. When the developer updates their Work Items, the updates are seen instantly by the project manager. And when the project manager updates the work items, these updates are seen instantly by the developer.

There is a lot of cool functionality in RPC that will bring significant value to your organization. But I do want to mention that it is a “1.0” and it still has some growing to do. With every new release we will add additional capabilities to address more and more use cases, use cases we hope will be defined by you.

Look for future postings here on about what use cases we do support. We are currently writing a blog entitled “Is RPC right for me?”. We hope this will help make it easier for you to decide whether RPC is a solution that you should consider.

We are fully open on – you can download trial versions, you can post messages in the forums, and you can absolutely open work items for defects and enhancement requests.

I am excited about this release and look forward to future releases based on your feedback.

Thank you

Neil Leblanc
Product Manager – Rational PPM