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Watch and learn: Initial steps in Rational Team Concert

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Rational Team Concert (RTC) 1.0.1 provides rich functionality in all the areas it touches: work item management, source control, build, planning, reports, and dashboards. A brief look at the capability overview is a good reminder of that fact.

Although you can get started with RTC quickly, it can take some time to understand the whole breadth of how RTC can help you be more productive and to discover how all the different aspects play together.

James Tykal and Brenda Myers are now selectively supporting this learning process by providing a series of short movies. This series tells the story of the Temperature Conversion project area. Each movie focuses on one particular aspect in the life of this project area and provides great step-by-step demonstrations.

Part 1 – Creating a Project Area shows how Jerry, the Jazz administrator, creates the “temperature_conversion” project area based on the “Scrum” process template and hands it off to April, the project leader, by sending her a team invitation.

Part 2 -Joining the Project Team shows April accepting the team invitation. It also gives an overview of the setup steps April and her team have to perform to adjust the project area to the needs of the project team.

Parts 3 and 4 – Configuring the Project and Team Areas show how to create team areas and to assign members and roles. They demonstrates how to create new iterations, work item categories, and releases.

Part 5 – Sharing Code using Jazz Source Control shows how an initial version of the project’s source code is imported into the Eclipse-based client and from there shared with the Jazz source control system.

Part 6 – Customizing the Process presents an overview over the process customization options and shows in details how April changes permissions and also adds a precondition to the SCM Deliver operation.

Parts 7 and 8 – Creating and Customizing Work Item Types demonstrate the creation of a new “Risk” work item type. They shows how the workflow for the Risk work items is defined and how the Risk work items are to be presented in the RTC user interface.

Part 9 – Saving a New Process Template shows how a new process template can be generated from the customized process of the “temperature_conversion” project area. The new process templates makes the process of the “temperature_conversion” project area available for future project areas.

These demos were made with Rational Team Concert 1.0.1.

Enjoy watching.

Kai-Uwe Maetzel
Jazz Foundation PMC
Rational Team Concert PMC