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Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration

Last week at the Rational Software Development Conference, IBM Rational announced a new initiative called Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration. This initiative is aimed at simplifying collaboration across the software delivery lifecycle. Its goal is to enable teams to use disparate tools and share lifecycle resources in delivering software, whether the tools are from IBM, other vendors, open source projects, or in-house development, and to do so in a way that is open and non-proprietary and that will encourage all industry members to participate.

This work is derived from IBM’s work on the Jazz technology platform and specifically from the JRS (Jazz REST Services) incubator here at

You can learn more about Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration at, and join the open-services mailing list for discussion of the initiative. Also, you may be interested in this podcast interview with Rational CTO Martin Nally (mp3), where he discusses the rationale for this effort (the relevant discussion runs from 6:18 to 8:58).

James Branigan
JRS Component Lead