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Rational Software Development Conference 2008 – Monday

This week, many members of the Jazz project are in Orlando, attending the 2008 Rational Software Development Conference. Over the next several days, we’ll post pictures highlighting some of the key Jazz-related events (click images to view larger versions).

The opening keynote of the Rational Software Development Conference 2008.

Rational Software Development Conference 2008 Opening Keynote

IBM Rational General Manager Danny Sabbah’s Monday Keynote – “R U Ready To Save The Day?”

Danny Sabbah's Monday Keynote

IBM Rational CTO Martin Nally speaking at the “The Rational 2.0 Product Roadmap – Powered by Jazz” session

Martin Nally

IBM Rational Chief Architect John Wiegand (left) and Jazz Technical Lead Erich Gamma (right) speaking at the Jazz Technology Demo and Reception

John Wiegand and Erich Gamma