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Need to integrate RQM with Jenkins

Ricky Jay (28926) | asked May 06 '16, 1:10 p.m.

I have integrated RTC with Jenkins, and now we can request the build to and fro.

Now, I have a scenario and wanted to integrate RQM with Jenkins, So whenever a new build is deployed or fetched, a set of testcases runs right after the deployment and on the basis of those test case results I can ensure if the build is passed or failed.

I see the integration can be done through RQMExecutionTool.Jar but not sure about the steps i have to perform.

I have some questions in my mind, if someone can advice.

Is there any configure needed at Jenkins end or RQMExecutionTool will cater all the integration?

Where should i configure the tcer and tser to execute, or would it always be run through command line? or a batch file can be configured?

Would i have to create a text execution schedule in order to run tcer/tser when a new build deployed?

Looking forward to have a response as this is very important for the continuous testing effort.


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Oskar Berreteaga (3325) | answered May 13 '16, 12:07 p.m.
Hi Humayun,

Please, have a look at our answer here:


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