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CLM active service MBean stopped working

Natarajan Thirumeni (298529) | asked May 09 '19, 3:12 a.m.

I have configured RTC and RQM to collect JMX MBean informaton for number of services, one of them is active services and its summary. It was working fine and suddenly stopped working. Meaning we're not getting any information for active services and its summary.

To configure, this just looks fine.
1. From ccm advanced properties
2. Search for Enable Active Services MBean and set to true
3. Change Delay between invocations to 2 seconds
4. Save the page

Go to ccm/repodebug/mxBeans
You'll see activeservice domain in the list. However in your case, under domain list there is no active service. file do have an entry of

Do you know why active service MBean is not visible under ccm/repodebug/mxBeans ? Do you know what could have caused an issue.

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Natarajan Thirumeni (298529) | answered May 09 '19, 3:21 a.m.
Check your application file, you or someone may have enabled MBean information RTC cluster as part of generic updates to file. If yes, you must remove all MBean related to clustering if the actual RTC server isn't clustered.

The ClusterMetricsTask are usually these, search for "ClusterMetricsTask" in file, either command out or remove.
Save the file.
You'll see active service information in the JMX Mbean.

This is based on CLM v606

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