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How to rename an existing project in RM, RQM and CCM?

khouri joelle (1317) | asked Feb 07 '19, 6:03 a.m.

Is it possible to rename a project existing in the 3 products (RM, RQM and CCM) and is there any risk?


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Don Yang (7.7k21111139) | answered Feb 08 '19, 12:57 a.m.
You can go to project's admin page to rename it. The main impact could be some bookmarks viewlet in dashboard which has the name involved could be broken. See the discussions here:

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Ralph Schoon commented Feb 08 '19, 2:41 a.m.

The work item UI allows to get the real work item URI which is independent from the project area name. So there should be no broken links, unless the user don't care and copy the URL to the work item editor. 

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khouri joelle (1317) | answered Feb 19 '19, 10:49 a.m.

I don't see where, that is in fact the alias of the project that I want to change, and as a minimum the folder name in rm.

sorry, I would like to upload a copy of my screen but it is not authorized

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Rosa Naranjo (2.9k11723) | answered Feb 19 '19, 11:08 a.m.
Please take a look at
and some of the other defects mentioned for a fuller appreciation of what is involved at least for RM.

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