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Under Set Conditions in JRS, how you do delete a "Selected User" when you are editing the values for Owner?

Janet Charbonneau (852754) | asked Jan 11 '16, 2:35 p.m.
I have a report that pulls all open tasks across multiple projects for a certain user.  I need to create the same report for other users.  I can duplicate the report, but when I go into the "Set Conditions" area and try to change the owner it will not let me delete the current owner.  I can add more owners to the Owners values, but it will not let me delete any owners that are already selected.  It seems that I have to delete that condition and then add the "Owner is" condition again and set it to the new owner.  Is there any way to delete an owner from the "Selected Users" list under the "Owner is" condition?

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Steven Shaw (55113) | answered Jan 11 '16, 3:24 p.m.
 Hello Janet,

The "Selected Users" list is just a sub-list of the total users in the system.  You can subsequently deselect values in that list and then they won't be part of the condition.  i.e. selection of items in that list dictates what users get considered by the condition, not all values in the list.

Hope that helps,

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Janet Charbonneau commented Jan 11 '16, 3:33 p.m.


Thanks for the explanation.  I thought the entire Selected Users list was part of the condition.  I now see where I can deselect that user in the Selected Users list and it will not show as part of the condition. 

Appreciate the help!


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