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Jazz Reporting Service, user absences

Robert Davis (61) | asked Dec 28 '15, 4:42 p.m.

I'd like to pull in Scheduled Absences from User profiles into a Jazz Reporting Services report to include that as part of a capacity management effort (which also gets estimated time and time spent on tasks).  It looks like Jazz reporting services is set up to pull from the Rational Data Warehouse and that the best I may be able to do in this case is find the database the user profile is held in so I can query it separately in a live workbook that can be combined with a data pull from a Jazz Reporting Service. 

1. Can you tell me where the user profile information is held for an out of the box install? Database.Table

2. Can the Jazz Reporting Service be configured to pull in data from this source along with work item info?


Bob Davis

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