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How to add multiple lines on change set in VS IDE

Penchala suman (461425) | asked Dec 28 '15, 7:58 a.m.
 Is there any option to add multiple lines in change set in VS IDE, user want to add multiple lines (new lines) on change-set, I see eclipse client has option “<Ctrl+Space> to open recent comments, <Enter> to Save Comment, <Ctrl+Enter> to enter a new line”, is there similar option in VS IDE?

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Surya Tripathi (65017) | answered Jan 06 '16, 7:16 p.m.
I dont think VS IDE has a similar option. Even if you copy and paste a multi-line text, it wont take it. The changeset comment has to be in one line. However, if you had created a multi-line changeset comment in Eclipse, VS will render it correctly. You can submit a defect if you like.

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