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Manual Testing Editor

Anders Malmberg (112912) | asked Apr 28 '09, 7:18 a.m.
The manual tester editor for editing and playback is not very user friendly. When you create new tests and write more lines than the size of the RQM window, you must scroll up and down to use the icons on the test editor toolbar. Same problem when you playback the script, you have to scroll up and down to use the icons on the script execution toolbar.

In RQM v2.0 Beta, the playback editor is changed and the execution window has its own scrollbar so that the script execution toolbar stays in position above the window.
I can not find the same solution for the manual testing editing window; here you still have to scroll up and down.
Will the editing window have the same solution as the executing window in v2.0? Is there anyone who has more information on this?
It is very annoying when you have to scroll up and down.

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Helen Lozoraitis (59124) | answered Apr 28 '09, 1:10 p.m.
Yes we are working on additional usability improvements for the manual script editor as well, including the scrolling issue, in an upcoming 2.0 beta. There is a similar discussion in another thread -

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