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RRC Review history/Change review status of the reviewer by Review Creator

Ahmed Omair (41234) | asked Jul 07 '14, 1:07 p.m.
Dear All,

My question is about Reviews in RRC. A user creates a review and add artifacts and its reviewers/approvers to the review and then start the review. If a reviewer doesn't respond the review creator can pause the review and then change the status of the Reviewer.
This is fine but there is no audit history that who actually performed the review. The reviewer may claim later that he/she has not approved the review at all. The system doesn't provide details who actually reviewed.
Anyone has an idea how can we trace this?

Ahmed Omair

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Stef van Dijk (2.0k179) | answered Aug 01 '14, 6:06 p.m.
I'm not aware of a method to "trace" the process you describe.
Another option would be to simply remove the reviewer and then it will be clear the person never reviewed it. But if the reviewer insists he didn't review it and needed to, then I would think that you want them to do the review (send a reminder) rather than overriding their review and changing the status on their behalf. In other words, either insist they perform the review to complete the process or remove them as a reviewer if they won't.

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