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plan duplicate question

Mauricio Romero (611) | asked Jul 03 '14, 7:07 p.m.
Hi guys
I want to duplicate a plan with their iterations and work items
and use the plan as a future template.

I'm using RTC v 4.0.5

 Can rtc create a plan using antoher one as a template? Including the iterations and work items?
is it possible?

two things that i have tried:

1. I duplicated a plan form Eclipse,
then I duplicated the iterations and I associated them with duplicated plan, but this doesn´t show me “copied” work items as i expected.

2. I’ve tried duplicating the plan,
 without duplicating iteration also from eclipse
but the results are that the original work items (not new copied ones) now are planned for the copied plan.

 by the way the manual replicate option for work items isn´t suitable for me because the plans that we are talking contains more than 50 work items

thank you very much

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Robert Wen (690412) | answered Jul 03 '14, 8:10 p.m.
 In short, it isn't possible because a plan is basically a filtering mechanism for the work items based on iteration (specified in the Planned For attribute) and the team/category (specified in the Filed Against attribute).

I think I need to hear what you're looking for in terms of template functionality.

Ralph Schoon commented Jul 04 '14, 2:34 a.m. | edited Jul 04 '14, 2:35 a.m.

Exactly. A plan is a filter on the work items, shows existing data in a specific way and calculates data from that. A duplicated plan will show the same information. Duplicating a plan only makes sense if you customized the plan views and want to be able to use them in a different context e.g. set a different owner or iteration after duplication.

The only data a plan stores on its own is data from plan snapshots.

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