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Authors: MatthieuLeroux, PhilippeCheavlier, FrancescoChiossi
Build basis: Build basis: JRS 6.x and later

This page is the starting point to find information and techniques that you can use to diagnose and troubleshoot issues related to reporting, Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE), Data Collection Component (DCC), Report Builder.

Where is the issue?

Reporting issue usually involve multiple products, for example when a report shows the wrong data, is it an issue with the query in Report builder, is it an issue with the datasource (LQE or DCC), does the application exposes the right data to LQE or DCC?

Data Warehouse Datasource

describe here a use case that involves a data warehouse report

LQE Datasource

describe here a use case that involves an LQE report.

Additional Log4j traces

Prior to versions 7.0.1 SR1 / 7.0.2 SR2: here are some traces that can be added in log4j.properties per product

For versions 7.0.1 SR1 / 7.0.2 SR2 and beyond: traces are to be added in log4j2.xml per product

  • Report Builder
Report Builder Traces
  • Lifecycle Query Engine
  • Data Collection Component

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