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todo.png Troubleshooting Jazz product integrations with System Architect

Authors: StefanHjalmarsson
Build basis: Rational System Architect 11.4.2.x and Rational Team Concert 4.0.x

This page details some of the common error messages that you can encounter and their solutions, when integrating Rational Team Concert (RTC) with Rational System Architect (SA).

.NET not installed

The following error will show up when you have not installed .NET 3.5.

When in the Service Providers window of System Architect, the error that responds to this scenario is:

The root service URL "https://myserver:9443/ccm/rootservices" provided cannot be contacted. Please make sure the server is started and a valid URL is specified for it.

  • Setup SA to consume RTC:

Set-up: RTC consuming System Architect

Specify the encyclopaedias that can be consumed. RTC consuming SA setup:


Start the SA publishing server

Ensure that the System Architect publishing server is running.


Start SA server problem II:

Making friends - RTC consuming System Architect

There are 5 letters in this diagram, but I am not sure why?
Make Friends with RTC consuming SA:


RTC consuming SA, associate RTC with SA:


Trustworthiness with the integration

  • Cleaned up trust in Mozilla Firefox:

Create a consumer in RTC

* Create RTC consumer key:

Note the consumer key

* Consumer key:

Configuring the SA service provider

SA consuming RTC part I:


SA consuming RTC part II:


Where are the diagrams, links and link symbols?

Where are the diagrams?:

After completing all the above steps to configure the integration, one of the last hurdles that you can fall over is where you cannot see your diagrams in the OSLC rich hover.


Let SA publish the diagrams:


Why don't I see the links in SA?


Let SA show link symbols:


Note: Detailed information about setting up the integration is available in this article: Integrate Rational System Architect 11.4 and CLM 2012 applications by using OSLC in addition to further troubleshooting information.

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Additional contributors: MaeveOReilly, PaulEllis

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