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Running the upgrade scripts

Authors: UpgradeTroubleshootingTeam
Build basis: CLM 3.x and later

This page discusses common issues which are occured when running the CLM Upgrade Scripts. When running the upgrade script files to upgrade CLM applications, you might run into these common issues:

CLM common upgrade questions

This section is currently in progress and will discuss running upgrade scripts in a distributed environment.

Known issues

Below are some common issues incurred when running the upgrade scripts prior to step 0:

Old Jazz Team Server version could not be determined

The Jazz Team Server upgrade script might fail with the following error:
 CRJAZ2124E The old JTS version could not be determined. Verify that the oldJTSHome is pointed at the correct installation and specify the version using the old JTSVersion parameter. 
For more information on this error navigate to JTS Upgrade Script fails with "Old JTS version could not be determined" error.

RM_upgrade.bat terminated at startup

The RM_Upgrade.bat might be terminated at startup in non-English environments. For more information on this behavior, navigate to RM_Upgrade.bat is terminated in Non-English environments.

Additional steps in the upgrade script

AFter you have moved past step 0 of running the upgrade script, you might incur issues at the following steps:


When the upgrade scripts run, each is executing a set of repotools commands. If the scripts fail, adding in repotools trace can help identify why the script is failing.

Where do I go from here?

If you are unable to resolve your issue using the available online resources, please open a service request with IBM Rational Support. Refer to Additional Troubleshooting Resources for further details.

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