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Add database tables (CCM, QM, JTS)

Authors: UpgradeTroubleshootingTeam
Build basis: CLM 4.x and later

This page will discuss troubleshooting techniques and known issues that arise during the addTables step in the upgrade process.


During this step in the upgrade process, a log file appended with _addTables will be created in the ../server directory of the Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) application installation directory. An example of this file is:

Known Issues

Below are some known issues which arise during the addTables step in the upgrade process

Jazz Team Server errors

This section will discuss errors common when adding database tables to the Jazz Team Server (JTS) database.

Invalid object name 'RIODS.TIMELINE'

Version: Upgrade to
Error During Upgrade: Invalid object name 'RIODS.TIMELINE'. com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Invalid object name 'RIODS.TIMELINE'.
Cause: This error is caused by defect 231471 which is fixed in 4.0.1. You will notice this errors if you do not have a DW schema setup for your current JTS server before proceedng the upgrade.
Resolution: This error can be ignored as it does not block your JTS from upgrading successfully.

CCM-specific errors

This section will discuss errors common when adding Database tables to the Rational Team Concert (CCM) database.

CRJAZ0350I Error fetching item values

Version: Upgrade to 4.x
Error During Upgrade:
 CRJAZ0350I Error fetching item values.
  parameter[0] = xxxxxxx 
Cause: There are some corrupted item states in your current ccm repository database. They need to be fixed first before procceding ccm upgrade.
Resolution: Run Online Verify Tool to try identifying the problematic item state and fixing them. The best practice is to perform data integrity check against your current jts and ccm repository DBs to ensure data is in a consistent state prior to proceeding the upgrade.

QM-specific errors

This section will discuss errors common when adding Database tables to the Rational Quality Manager (QM) database.

RM-specific errors

This section will discuss errors common when adding Database tables to the Rational Requirements Composer (RM) database.

Errors that can occur with any CLM application

This section will discuss errors common when adding the Database tables to any application within the CLM (they are not application specific).

CRJAZ1093I xxxx service class was not activated

Version: Any upgrade version 4.x
Error During Upgrade: CRJAZ1093I xxxx service class was not activated
Cause: The server is unable to connect to the repository database to perform the addTables command.
Resolution: Ensure the jdbc driver is in the proper location according to upgrade instruction and it is compatible with the JDK version repotools runs on. For example, when connecting to SQL server DB, sqljdbc.jar works with the JDK 1.5, sqljdbc4.jar works with the JDK 1.6. For Oracle, JDK 1.5 use ojdbc5.jar, JDK 1.6 use ojdbc6.jar. The ojdbc14.jar driver will not connect to Oracle 11G etc.

ORA-01031: Insufficient privileges

Version: Any upgrade version 4.x
Error During Upgrade: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges
Cause: The JDBC Connection user does not have enough privileges to run the necessary commands to add the tables to the database.
Resolution: Ensure the JDBC Connection user has DBO permissions on all CLM applications, including databases for jts, qm, ccm, dw and rm. Note that the creation of the warehouse on Oracle requires more permissions as compared to other databases. When you specify the database user in the connection spec for data warehouse, ensure that the database user has DBA permissions. Then you can configure a smaller subset of permissions after the original creation, as identified on More Control Over the Oracle DW Setup article.

Unable to create Index MARKERS_UNIQUE_MARKER

Version: 4.0.4, SQL Server DB (may also occur on Oracle DB)
Error During Upgrade: The following SQL query did not execute properly on the server: CREATE UNIQUE INDEX MARKERS_UNIQUE_MARKER
May be followed by oracle error: ORA-01450: maximum key length (6398) exceeded
Cause: This is caused by a 900 byte limit on MS SQL DBs, where the UUIDs are too long and hit the byte limit.
Resolution: This is a known defect tracked via jazz.net Defect 280057, planned to be resolved in 4.0.5. This is referenced in the following techote: Upgrading CLM products to version 4.0.4 fails when using Microsoft SQL Server

As a workaround, only upgrade to 4.0.3, or contact IBM Support for a hotfix on 4.0.4.
On Oracle DB, a similar error may occur due to the NLS_SEMANTICS_LENGTH configuration being char. Changing this to byte will resolve the issue.

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