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How to reproduce CRRRW7291E on RRC 4.0 prior to applying fix pack

long TRUONG (3654116146) | asked Oct 03 '12, 7:05 p.m.
 We are preparing to install the RRC fix pack which would fix the critical stability CRRRW7291E. However we could not reproduce that error on RRC 4.0 so we can verify the fix via pre- and post- tests.

Would appreciate any pointer towards a sure/consistent way or a sequence of actions to reproduce this bug.

On POC env (Derby) we cannot generate any errors browsing artifacts.
On PROD (MS SQL server), while drilling down to some artifacts we got CRRRW7283E instead. And get none of CRRRW7291E, despite being a member and admin of the project as well as the Roles JazzUsers, JazzProjectAdmins, and JazzAdmins.
On DEV env (an earlier clone of PROD) when click on artifacts get same error, with same privileges and roles. Though I can still drill down further into artifacts.

Also how to avoid or fix CRRRW7283E

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Robin Bater (3.4k47) | answered Oct 04 '12, 10:29 a.m.
This might be a way to reproduce CRRRW7291E

1. Have Multiple RRC projects exist within the data repository.
2. Where at least one change is made to one or more RRC projects.  An example of a change would be a new or updated artifact. 
3. The RRC application is restarted. 
4. The project(s) referenced in #2 above are not accessed via web browser prior to the Data Collection Job (scheduled by default to run daily at midnight) runs to process changes made to projects in the data repository. 

At this point the containing project(s) for changes made in #2 will contain invalid type system metadata, rendering the project(s) inaccessible.

Now CRRRW7283E is very general resource not found error message more information about your data would be needed to understand what is causing this error. I suggest contact Tech Support.

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Sean F (1.3k232132) | answered Oct 04 '12, 11:31 a.m.
Thanks for the example on how to reproduce the error Robin.

Is it right to say that if we are not running data collection jobs then we will not encounter the problem?

Or else what can we avoid doing in order to avoid the problem in RRC

Robin Bater commented Oct 04 '12, 12:14 p.m.

My understanding is that the problem has not been seen in testing if data collection has not been enabled (which it is by default) but technically it is possible that something like running a custom RPE reporting could trigger the problem.

So turning off data collection will mitigate the problem significantly but 100%, not sure.

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