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Delete Artefact-Link from one Component to another component is impossible (despite correct,same team access rights in both components)

Thomas Geib (111) | asked May 11, 9:04 a.m.

Hi there! 

We cannot delete an artifact's link to a different component's artefact, despite source and destination artefacts belong to the same team.


- Component AC, Module AM, Artefact AA 
- has a link to 
- Component BC, Module BM, Artefact BA 

- All Folders, Modules and Artefacts have set access rights for Team "MyTeam", and "MyTeam"  
- User has team rights / roles in "MyTeam" for saving & deletion of links
--> so in theory deletion of links should by possible, but is disabled

- giving access rights to the user on project level instead of team level, the deletion is possible.

Have any idea?

DNG 7.02 iFix 012

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