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Please clarify why you can't create a DNG review about a Change Set?

Glyn Costello (556) | asked Sep 14, 10:49 a.m.

When making changes to DNG artifacts in a global configuration with change sets enabled... you are not allowed to create "Reviews" against change sets. 

I'm not quite sure then what is the expected workflow for review and approval of changes to artifacts in DNG? i.e. the "Make a change" > "Submit for review and approval" > "Commit to the main stream". 

Is it more that you forget the DNG review feature and instead use RTC work items to manage the review of changes?

Just seems like a missed opportunity, also, if DNG forces you to deliver your change set before using the "Review" feature, it then also should allow the change set to be reversible if the changes are rejected?

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Richard Hall (858) | answered Sep 15, 12:56 p.m.

 I do not understand what the intended work flow is either.

However, I think that the following workflow will work

Create a new stream for the intended changes

Make changes in one or more change sets and deliver each to the new stream (or make the changes directly in the new stream)
Create and perform the review.

Once changes have been agreed deliver the changes from the new stream to the main stream.

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