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Access to one RM from a different JTS

Ernesto Liria (111) | asked Feb 28, 6:38 a.m.


I'm having troubles trying to connect to a RM application from a different JTS instance.

Here is the problem:

I have 2 servers with two instances of JTS. Lets say Server A and Server B.

What i want to do is to use Server A as OAuth to validate users and access to the catalog defined in rm/catalog on Server B.

As far as I know, i've defined Outbound link (friend) from Server B JTS to Server A JTS, and in the other side i've defined Inbound link (consumer) from Server A JTS to Server B JTS and added both urls to whitelist.

The problem is that after the validation in Server A (it is the responsible of token generation and authorization), when i'm trying to get the catalog URL i'm getting Error 401 Unauthorized due to invalid token.

Am I missunderstanding anything?


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Ralph Schoon (63.2k33646) | answered Feb 29, 2:44 a.m.
edited Feb 29, 5:14 a.m.

 I would suggest to follow and make sure that all the required servers are friended. 
To be sure the friends relationship works, create a dashboard widget that contains a widget on the other server.

You might have to make the far RM server a friend to the other JTS as well.

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Ian Barnard (1.9k613) | answered Mar 01, 4:07 a.m.
edited Mar 01, 4:08 a.m.


Friending creates an OSLC relationship, which is necessary to allow e.g. linking, but doesn't create or specify single sign-on.

You need to ensure your application servers have a shared authentication mechanism; it's possible to configure two liberty to have the same SSO realm using ltpa keys.

You can do this with two Liberty but with only one JTS you'd register both /rm1 and /rm2 to that JTS.

For a user registry you can configure that JTS to use LDAP or to use Jazz Authorization Server which itself can use LDAP/SAML

If you need to have two JTS I think they'll have to share the same JAS to get single sign on.


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