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Artifact behaviour in Module and Folder level

vinitha dsouza (14722133) | asked Feb 27 '20, 7:34 a.m.
Hello Team,
I would like to understand the artifact behavior in Module and Folder level.
Reason is,
We have linked Testcase to artifact from RQM to DNG and later realized that there is difference when selecting requirement Artifact from DNG (selection dialogue appears in RQM while linking) in Folder or Module level.

Can you help us understand background and usage of such a behaviour.
and Also what is the correct approach.


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Jessica Collyer (467) | answered Feb 27 '20, 9:16 a.m.

 Vinitha --

As I understand -- you should link the artifacts to the folder (sometimes called the artifact) level, not the module level.  Linking at the artifact level also lets you use the links explorer to see all the various links in your project area. 

Module links, comments, and tags do not appear at the artifact level -- and vice versa.  

Here are some other links I found on this topic:

I hope this helps! 

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