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How dxl attributes can be replaced in Doors next gen if user is migrating from Doors to DNG.

Gourav Luthra (1378) | asked Mar 09 '16, 6:10 a.m.
Currently,I am having lot of dxl attributes in doors. In future if i am migrating all the data to Doors next gen from doors then how my dxl attributes will be migrated?

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Håkan Kristiansson (5114) | answered Mar 09 '16, 7:26 a.m.
I believe that and other questions you might have about the migration is explained here:

A demo is also available here:

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ian green (17814) | answered Mar 15 '16, 7:19 a.m.
DNG does not yet have a mechanism comparable to DOORS DXL attributes.  Depending on your use case, the following are supported in DNG and could offer comparable capability:

  • Replace the DXL with built-in DNG capability - this can be appropriate for things like traceability analysis.
  • Write a DNG Client Extension which calculates values in much the same way that your DXL does.  The extension can save these calculated values or it can simply present them to the user.
  • Jazz Reporting Services allow a certain amount of calculation to be performed as part of running a report (eg summing values).  You might be able to replace some DXL with JRS.

If calculated attributes are critical, you should add your voice to Provide ability to define dynamic contents for attribute values - ie. calculated values / dependent values (44985).


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Bhavesh Patel (111) | answered Jul 31 '18, 1:17 a.m.

OpsHub Integration Manager is the only solution that can facilitate both integration as well as migration between these two systems.

To execute the mentioned use case, first migrate data from DOORS to DOORS NG and then create bi-directional integration between these tools. This saves the rework on DXL script again, as user can simply use the DXL script existing on DOORS.

Please check out this video to understand how bi-directional integration between these two systems using OpsHub Integration Manager works:

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