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CCM - state name is displaying State ID

Mohamed Samatar (13715) | asked May 17 '19, 9:05 a.m.

I used the RTC Eclipse Client.
1. extracted template from Prod.
2. exported template
3. imported into the Development environment.
> created a new PA ver2
4. updated the attributes, states, actions
> 3 new attributes
> 2 news states for the defect work item
> Saved
5. open one of the children PA and linked to the new PA ver2 master
6. all new work items are working properly
7. all new and old work items for Story, Defect, Epic properly.

8. old task work items are not displaying the "state" new, but the code of the ID. the Task workflow (name or action) was not modify. I only added the "external URI".
> ex: 
how to fix

Ralph Schoon commented May 20 '19, 4:16 a.m.

I think displaying the ID instead of a state name indicates that the process does not define a state with that ID. This should be checked first.

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