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How do you cache Jazz Reporting Service dashboard widgets?

Gary Bettesworth (1) | asked May 10 '19, 10:18 a.m.
edited May 13 '19, 3:41 a.m. by Ralph Schoon (60.7k33643)

I am using IBM Jazz Reporting Service V6.0.6 to write reports/graphs and display them on an RTC dashboard via a widget.  Some of the reports load a lot of data so they take time to display on the dashboard - you see the text 'Loading, please wait...' on the widget.

I see in the Jazz Reporting Service you can now create schedules to run reports.  Is there anyway you can display the output of a scheduled report within a widget, i.e. run the report once a day and then display the produced graph straight away in the widget - so you don't have to keep re-running/loading the report each time you refresh the dashboard page?  Or is there a recommend way of caching Jazz Reporting Service dashboard widgets?

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