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Requiring reviews from component owners

ian boden (2115) | asked Oct 23 '18, 12:41 p.m.
We have a system where we have multiple components, each component is owned by a team. Any developer can deliver code into any component as long as the code has been reviewed.

However, we want to change it so that it has to be reviewed by someone from the team who owns the component. I'm really struggling how to achieve this, you can specify delivery requires a specific role to have approved it so I could try having that everyone in team X has role X_member and then see if I can add a requirement that changes to a component owned by X has an approval of X_member but that seems messy and I'm not even sure you can specify requirements on components like that.

Anyone any ideas how to achieve this using Rational Team Concert? Currently on 6.0.4 in case that makes a difference.

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Rick Maludzinski (561) | answered Oct 24 '18, 12:43 p.m.

There isn't an out of the box solution but you could use an advisor that you can create yourself or you could have services build for you.  The simplest solution would be to have a deliver advisor that checks that at least one reviewer is a member of the team that owns the component.  If you are interested in talking to service you can contact me and I can connect you -

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