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Can we Integrate Lotus connection 3.0.1 and RTC 3.0.1

Murali Dhandapani (11698) | asked Feb 09 '12, 4:40 p.m.
When I tried to follow the instructions from, it did not work. The mainsoft component did not get install while using RTC 3.0.1.

CRJAZ1218I The bundle "" with the id 536 is invalid, it is not "RESOLVED".
Direct constraints which are unresolved:
Missing required bundle
Missing required bundle
Missing required bundle com.mainsoft.runtime.z_0.0.0.
Missing required bundle com.mainsoft.utils_0.0.0.
Missing required bundle com.mainsoft.contentlibrary_0.0.0.
Missing required bundle com.mainsoft.lotus.connections_0.0.0.
Missing required bundle com.mainsoft.common.z_0.0.0.
Missing required bundle
Missing required bundle
Missing required bundle
Leaf constraints in the dependency chain which are unresolved:
Missing optionally required bundle org.eclipse.ui_0.0.0.
Missing imported package javax.faces.el_0.0

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