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Avoid adding site that is already exists.

Sujana Subedi (13) | asked Dec 09 '08, 3:11 p.m.
It would be useful to display a message( eg. "This site isalready exists") if user tries to add the document site that is already exists.

Build : Beta

From RTC:
Document->Add New Document Site
Add Sharepoint sanbox site.
Repeat the above steps.
You will see multiple sandbox sites under My Documentation Libraries(RTC).

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Philippe Cohen (16) | answered Dec 10 '08, 11:20 a.m.
It's a good point.

Indeed it may happen a user will try to add manually a team site that is already integrated within the team artifact. I think we should indeed warn the user and tell him that this site is already exposed through his team membership.

We will still let him add the site since it may be that the user will filter out the team artifact or just leave that team and will still be interested to access the site.

Another duplication scenario can occurs among team sites. A team leader is associated a site to his team that is already associated to another team (or project). Then a warning will also make sense.

We are filling an enhancement work-item, Thanks Sujana for this input.

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Bennett Love (6) | answered Oct 04 '10, 3:18 a.m.
I see that this is quite an old post but I just wondered what if the site user is not warned if the team leader is exposed through his membership. Will this restrict his ability to add to the site?

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