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RDNG's REPORT BUILDER: "Enable multiple paths"

Carlos Gonsalez (37112) | asked Sep 10 '18, 12:59 p.m.
edited Sep 15 '18, 1:49 a.m. by Fariz Saracevic (779613)

My RDNG "Requirements" project contains a module that has "System Requirement" links from three other modules via their respective "System Requirements".  All four modules are "System Specifications", in the same project, different directories,  and each directory on the same directory tier level (Using Zero Base: Directory Tier 1).

When Building Reports using the REPORT BUILDER, under "CHOOSE DATA", it shows these 5 features accessible to me:
"Choose report type"
"Limit scope"
"Choose artifacts"
"Optional: Traceability links"
"Set conditions"

IBM INTELLIGENCE CENTER tutorial on REPORT BUILDER suggests that the 4th feature(I don't see) that
I should have access should be:
"Trace relationships and add artifacts"
where this feature gives the User access to enable "Multiple paths".

Is there a method to RDNG's method or madness that would allow me to enable this
4th feature(I don't see)
to be displayed?   Thus allowing me to enable the "Multiple paths" sub feature?

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