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rm/publish/initilaize sets Word styles in ALL rm/reporting/initialialization/templates/word templates

Greg Taillefer (61517) | asked Jun 17 '14, 3:27 p.m.

When I initialize the publishing service all word documents in the rm/reporting/initialialization/templates/word templates folder are modified. The Normal style is changed to Arial Unicode MS and all styles based on that (headings, headers and footers) get the same font. None of my original Word template styles are preserved.

This seems to have ocurred after installing Word on the server. We didn't notice right away that this was happening. We uninstalled Word and the problem persists.

If we drop new templates into the rm/reporting/initialialization/templates/word templates folder with our styles and fonts defined and reinitialize the publishing service all files get modified and styles are lost.

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Greg Taillefer (61517) | answered Jun 23 '14, 9:07 a.m.
edited Jun 23 '14, 9:08 a.m.
I noticed that reinitializing the publishing service touches all word files in rm/reporting/initialialization/templates/word. Why is that. And the default Normal style gets overwritten if I change that setting in the server advanced properties. The reason I want to use a Word template is to enforce styles that are in the template. Why would the server override that? Where can documentation be found describing the behaviour of the publishing  service with different advanced properties set?

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