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Unable to Export artifacts of format “Diagram” from RDNG 6.0.1 using custom RRDG template

Abish Mathew Zachariah (252511) | asked Jun 15 '16, 6:41 a.m.
One of my clients has many artifacts of format “Diagram” in RDNG. I am not able to export these artifacts using any of the OOTB RRDG templates in RDNG just because these template do not have the supported schema for exporting these artifacts.
Currently I have to embed this artifacts into another text based artifact and export it using a template which has text based artifacts schema.
So the question is:
What is the schema that I should be ideally using in the RRDG/RPE template to report on artifacts of format “Diagram” so that I will be able to select those template and also those artifacts in the document Generation wizard in RDNG 6.0.1.?

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