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What is the cause of the warning (under JFS diagnostics) that the consumer key does not exist and resources cannot be accessed?

Michael Johnson (44216) | asked Jun 20 '17, 7:07 a.m.

I have 5 warnings that popped up under JFS Diagnostics stating:

"CRJZS5766W Resources cannot be accessed from the strorage area because the different.big.hex.string consumer key does not exist.  Create a consumer key, stop the server and set the new consumer key to the storage are by using "repotools -jts -setStorageAreaKeys, new_consumer_key where new_consumer_key is the one that you created"

The message is repeated 4 more times to do this for:

repotools -jts -setStorageAreaKeys

repotools -jts -setStorageAreaKeys

repotools -jts -setStorageAreaKeys

repotools -jts -setStorageAreaKeys

Can someone explain this?  I don't seem to see any problems with functionality.

Thanks for your time.


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