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How can I customize the OSLC mappings between DOORS and RTC/DM/RHapsody ?

Bruno Di Giandomenico (501123) | asked Apr 03 '17, 5:35 a.m.

 We have used a Remote Resource Package to link a DOORS (Traditional DOORS, not Next Gen) module into a Rhapsody model, and to use it as a referenced module.

We would like now to prepare a report using RPE, and we would like to understand how to get the information out of Rhapsody / DM.
Our problem right now is that the OSLC integration only shows the DOORS Object Heading and not the other attributes.
We have been told we should customise the OSLC mappings to bring across the selected attributes into Rhapsody. Can anybody tell us what this means ?

As an alternative, we have been told that we could get a report out of Design Manager, and use OSLC to traverse the linked requirement. 
Is that different, and where could we get some information on how to do it, eventually ?

Thanks in advance


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