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How to associate Simulink model code with design in Design Manager?

Daniel Stewart (431520) | asked Oct 27 '15, 2:50 p.m.

I'm using Design Manager 6.0 in externally managed mode using the manual importer instead of import engine. Model files(.mdl, .mat, .m) stored in RTC source control. 

As work is done to a Simulink model and change sets are created in source control, I would like for the visual representation in DM to reflect these changes as well. The example below might help to better explain it.


"ModelA" is in stream "DMstream" in DM.   "task 1" is created in RTC to make a change to a block in ModelA. A link is created from the block to the task.

The person assigned the task loads the code for ModelA from source control, makes necessary changes, checks in and delivers to the stream in RTC.

Now "ModelA" in "DMstream" doesn't have the current changes. I could manually create a new stream in DM called "DMstream.task1" but is there a better, less error prone way of doing this?


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