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Different Projetc areas

Nuha Abdullah (111) | asked Jan 15 '18, 2:40 a.m.


I am QA working on RQM and I am facing this issue:
I have a project (x) that has tow kind of defects:
- Front-end
- Back-end

Now the front end issues can be solved within x project area but the issue is with the backend since it requires another project area! now how i can link the defect in x with a task in y since the code delivery will be in y?

Thanks in advance.

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robert genzinger (1613) | answered Jan 15 '18, 8:58 a.m.

Hi Nahu,
as i understood you want to use three PA's
1 RQM , 2 RTC (x) and (y)

RQM PA with RQM Test-Run -link to- RTC PA(x) Defect
      needs PA association: RQM PA to RTC PA (x)
RTC PA (x) with defect -link to- RTC PA (y) Task
     needs PA association RTC PA (x) to RTC PA (y), Related ChangeRequest
          use link typ tracked by/contributes to or related CR

make this sens for you?

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