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How to set location for JAVA heapdump, etc, and setting JAVA TDUMP dataset name

David Kelley (61) | asked Jan 14 '16, 10:54 a.m.
Had an issue a day ago where an RTC process executing under UNIX on the mainframe (i.e., host components) ended up producing JAVA dumps of various flavors.  The TDUMP failed because the userid associated with the process does not have an associated ALIAS defined for dataset allocations.  And, the JAVA heapdump and javacore dumps were written to the "/tmp" directory, which blew out our "/tmp" space allocations.

We also run RDz and, in the config files for RDz, we have specifications to indicate that the JAVA heapdump, etc should be written to a specific DUMP directory, and we have a JAVA_DUMP_TDUMP_PATTERN command to override the dataset name allocated for TDUMP creation.

I have looked through all of my RTC installation documentation, as well as the bfagent.conf file for similar settings, but have not found anything useful as yet.

So can I, and how do I, put in overrides to force the creation of various DUMPs using desired locations and names?

We are currently running RTC v5.0.2, but are in the process of upgrading to v6.0.1 so this would be a great time to be able to configure v6.0.1 to accommodate our needs.


David A Kelley

Donald Nong commented Jan 14 '16, 11:45 p.m.

Are you using RTCz? If so, I doubt anybody on this forum is familiar with it. You will need to contact Support for this.

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Kim Soederhamn (1.5k24348) | answered Jan 19 '16, 2:53 p.m.
I think you can use environment vars to specify the dirs like:

* IBM_JAVACOREDIR for Javadump.
* IBM_HEAPDUMPDIR for Heapdump.
* IBM_COREDIR for system dump, .
* IBM_COREDIR for snap traces

Havn't tested it though.., .

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