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Component reuse in another PA

Norman Dignard (356692173) | asked Jun 02 '15, 7:46 a.m.
I'm questioning the behavior on reusing a component in another PA.

Short story - had a Agile process PA (Flow.agile) where initial development was done for a component.  The component( FAAgateway) was owned the that team   and visible to the project.

They wanted to change their process to RUP so created a new project area using the RUP template and added all the component baselines from the Flow.agile stream.  The components properties were still owned and visible to the original  Flow.agile project area/stream.

In this new RUP project area , they've been trying to setup JAZZ builds but have been having some visibility issues  with the components. They changed the owner/visiblity of the  FAAgateway component to the the RU PA team. 

On trying to run the jazz build for this, it came back with some pending changes - a snapshot as a result of the build but the component baseline was updated on the original Flow.agile stream which does not make sense.

What is the correct owner/visibility for a component when reusing it (by reuse i mean seed the new stream for new development) in a new PA?  Should it be changed on new PA's using it? If so should the component in the original/other PA's retain its original owner/visibility settings?  From our experience this is not the case and we are wondering if this is a bug?

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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k33035) | answered Jun 06 '15, 12:24 a.m.
There is only a single instance of a given component in the repository.   All of the streams in that repository effectively just have a reference to some change history entry in that component.   So there is not "the component in the original PA", and "the component in the new PA" ... there is just "the component".  When you change the ownership/visibility of that component, that controls who can see any data (baselines, change sets, change histories) in that component.   In particular, changing the ownership/visibility doesn't change any references to data in that component, but it can change what users can "see" what those references point to.

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