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License Server and JRS...together?

Mahari Hill (484173189) | asked May 12 '15, 3:45 p.m.
CLM 502

We have a need to start tracking license usage by using the license reporting feature. We also want to look at JRS for reporting.
  • Do either of these NEED WebSphere to work? I thought JRS could use tomcat.
  • Can JRS and the license server / license reporting tool all work on the same machine?
  • Does both the JRS and License Reporting tool track Urbancode?

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Joseph Mao (440189) | answered May 12 '15, 10:05 p.m.
edited May 12 '15, 10:06 p.m.
Hi Mahari,

Websphere is not required for license server reporting (RKLS ART) or JRS.  By default both of them installed on Tomcat.  To use RKLS ART, you need to install RKLS agent on the license server machine.

here is the knowledge center link for RKLS ART,

JRS and ART can be installed on same machine.  As my remember, by default, they use different port number in Tomcat.

Urbancode use RKLS for license, if you need license report RKLS ART will be your choice.
JRS is for internal CLM, not for Urbancode.


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