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Export/import process template in RQM 4.0.3 causes not propagating template customisations

Krzysztof Ka┼║mierczyk (7.4k35198) | asked Aug 26 '14, 4:32 a.m.
My customer has performed following step in RQM 4.0.3:

1. Export template as jazz project admin
2. Import back template
3. Create new PA => There are missing customizations

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Krzysztof Ka┼║mierczyk (7.4k35198) | answered Aug 26 '14, 4:34 a.m.
It seems that there is a defect when you use jazz project admin permissions.

Perform steps 1-3 using jazzadmin role.

The issue is no longer visible in RQM 5.0 even if you use project admin user. Upgrade to version 5.0.

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Ara Masrof (3.2k15) | answered Aug 26 '14, 8:09 a.m.

I believe this issue is to related to WorktItem  86522 Custom Category Relationships Lost During Project Process Export-Import

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Peter Staubrandt (865) | answered Aug 29 '14, 4:12 a.m.
Yet another finding at the customer in question that has to do with the JazzProjectAdmins repository permission on CLM v. 4.0.3: An user with the JazzProjectAdmins permission can't add members to a Lifecyscle Project, JazzAdmins is required even though the documentation is stating that that JazzAdmins is not required:

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