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RQM excel importer - Imported TestCase design goes into single line of test script

Saurabh Malhotra (15231617) | asked Apr 04 '14, 2:45 p.m.
 Hi All,

This is a follow-up question to my previous post (How to import multi line cells while maintaining format). That part is working well. All the data in the spreadsheet now ends up in a test case and comes in with proper formatting.

However when I take what's created in the test case design and use the "create test script from design" button, the entire test case design is going into a single step in the test script, which defeats the purpose of bringing in the steps over in the first place... :(

As an example try to create a spreadsheet that has a cells with the following data:

Script in Excel Cell

Type it out, don't copy and paste from somewhere else since that's how I created it. Then import that in using the following line in your cfg file:


What you get is a nice formatted test case design:

But once you click the "create manual script from test case design" button the script only ends up with a single step:

Any thoughts on how to fix this??

If someone wants to try this out, let me know and I can give you my example spreadsheet and cfg file.


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James Paulus (20621831) | answered Apr 04 '14, 2:49 p.m.
 Not sure what version you have, but check this out:

Saurabh Malhotra commented Apr 05 '14, 10:10 p.m.

I was trying with 4.0.4. I'll have to give this a try with 4.0.6 and comment. Thanks!

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