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RQM Excel Importer - Multiple lines per cell

Saurabh Malhotra (15231617) | asked Mar 31 '14, 10:56 p.m.
I am attempting to import an excel document that contains a very well organized test plan. Each row of the spreadsheet represents a test case. There is one column that contains test scripts. Each cell in this column has multiple lines, with each line representing a test step. 

I attempted to import the cells in this column into the test case design, however all the formatting is lost and all the content in the cell ends up on a single line.

For example in the excel document I have a single cell that contains:
Test Step 001 001
Test Step 001 002
Test Step 001 003

In the import config file I map this column to the test case design:

However after the import the design section has a single row:
Test Step 001 001 Test Step 001 002 Test Step 001 003
and the carriage returns are lost.

Is there any way to load this in without loosing the formatting?

Or even better, is there anyway to load this directly in as a test script instead of into the test case design?


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Don Yang (7.4k2195130) | answered Apr 01 '14, 2:29 a.m.
For preserve formatting in test case design section, you may refer to

I am not aware of any way to let the multiple lines in one cell to be imported as multiple steps into the script.
Usually it would be multiple cells, not sure why you cannot use multiple cells and have to use multi-lines in one cell.
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Saurabh Malhotra commented Apr 01 '14, 9:55 a.m.

Thanks, this led me to finding the right config code:


Once I added the Pre() modified around the column letter all the formatting was preserved.

Also I can't change the excel format as I am attempting to show a customer how to migrate their hundreds of excel based test cases / test scripts to RQM. If we can import the data without having to do any major edits in Excel first it would make their lives a lot easier. =)

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